Surveying / Mapping

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    • 3-D Scanning Technology
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    • Topographic Surveys
    • Construction Staking
    • Parcel Maps
    • Boundary Surveys
    • Aerial Photo Control
    • Route Surveys
    • Computerized Mapping
    • ALTA Surveys
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    • Photogrammetry
    • 3D Laser Scanning
    • Building Information Modeling
    • LiDar Scanning
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    Measuring and mapping the land. Lumos & Associates has completed thousands of surveying assignments in recent years that represent close to $5 million in consulting fees. We provide mapping and construction staking services for our own design projects as well as for contractors and other engineering firms. These projects range from complex right-of-way and boundary surveys, to individual parcel maps, to large-scale topographic mapping in forested terrain, to construction staking for major building, road, and utility projects.

    Two important components in the selection of a consulting firm are the quality of the professional staff who will be assigned to your project and the ability to respond on short notice. At Lumos, we have a highly qualified survey staff, with survey crews in four of our five offices. This gives us the ability to share workloads in order to meet project deadlines.