Carson City, Nevada

Carson Tahoe Health

Lumos & Associates was contracted by Carson Tahoe Health to prepare and submit a FEMA Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) application for improvements along Eagle Valley Creek, located in Carson City, Nevada. The creek, located between the Regional Medical Center and Sierra Hospital Center, prevented access from each facility, posing several administrative and operational issues, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS) not being able to transport patients across the canyon.

Our team provided an as-built topographic survey for the floodplain hydraulic modeling and hydrologic analysis of Eagle Valley Creek to determine inundation boundaries for 100 and 500-year storm events. This included a digital terrain model and topographic map with all existing surface improvements and utilities located within the project area.

Survey, modeling, and analysis led to the redesign of the existing levee, a new access road, and “skywalk” for pedestrian access over the creek. Lumos’ work resulted in FEMA’s approval of the CLOMR, initiating the next phase of this project which involved a secondary survey. This project is in the final stages of construction and is awaiting final LOMR approval from FEMA.