Digital Aerial Orthophotography of Santa Cruz Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California

Photogrammetric Mapping

Lumos specializes in Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping and Digital Orthophotography using a fixed-wing aircraft. We offer high-resolution aerial photography in color, captured with a Vexcel Ultracam Eagle M3 digital mapping camera capable of 2cm resolution. Topographic mapping from this method covers projects from 5 to 25,000 acres, with scales from 1” to 20’ with 0.5’ contour intervals, and up. The resulting topographic surface includes planimetrics complemented by a digital terrain model (DTM). Field-collected survey data can seamlessly integrate into the base map for enhanced precision in the final processing stage, ensuring comprehensive and more accurate results. Lumos also offers Aerial LiDAR, which captures three-dimensional elevations of the Earth’s surface to gather exact information about a specific area. This light pulse technology can be used to curate 3D maps and models, survey assessments, forest inventories, floodplain evaluations, disaster management, utility corridor monitoring, transportation planning, geomorphology analyses, urban planning, landscape ecology, coastal engineering, and volumetric calculations.