Civil Engineering

Stormwater Analysis and Design

Lumos has a long history of providing storm drainage and flood control services, from master planning to detailed drainage system design and construction oversight. We excel in hydrologic modeling, leveraging advanced computer programs integrated with GIS technology. This enables us to predict storm runoff from an individual site or an entire watershed.

Our hydraulic analysis capabilities allow us to design a full range of stormwater infrastructure improvements for projects ranging from municipal storm drain systems to major flood control channels and stream restorations.

Our team is knowledgeable in federal, state, and local design guidelines and criteria, and has provided drainage analysis and design services to a multitude of public agencies and private clients.

Our range of services includes: Hydrologic Analysis Culvert and Bridge Design, Levee and Floodwall Design, Dam Rehabilitation, Hydraulic Analysis and 1D/2D Modeling, Flood Control Structures, Storm Drain Master Plans, FEMA Floodplain Analysis, Storm Drain System Design, Scour Analysis, and Open Channel Design.

We understand the complexities of hydrology and hydraulics. To deliver successful solutions to our clients, we begin by conducting a comprehensive inventory of the major existing stormwater infrastructure in the area. This process involves reviewing previous drainage studies, analyzing the area's current hydrology, identifying any capacity or operational deficiencies within the existing storm drainage system, developing tailored storm drainage infrastructure solutions, and finally, providing a detailed storm drain study document designed for years to come.