Dayton, Nevada

Dayton Valley Area Drainage Master Plan

The Dayton Valley Area Drainage Master Plan (DVADMP) was a FEMA funded, pre-hazard mitigation, document/report utilized by municipalities to evaluate flood risk areas and potential methods to mitigate them. This included planning and funding assistance.

The DVADMP study area, located on the southeastern slopes of the Virginia and Flowery Ranges, covers 68 square miles and is situated 15 miles east of Carson City. Most of it spans Lyon and Storey Counties, with a small portion of the upper-watershed extending into Washoe County. The study area percentage by county is: Storey County (60%), Lyon County (38%), and Washoe County (2%). 

The Dayton Valley Area Drainage Master Plan (DVADMP) was developed to meet three primary objectives:

  • Evaluate and identify flooding and sedimentation hazards within the project area by the implementation of a work plan which included data collection, review of previous studies, information gathering from public agencies and residents, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, geomorphic assessments, and field surveys.
  • Develop a series of 10% design alternatives to either partially or wholly mitigate the hazards identified in the first objective. Modeling of the alternatives to verify effectiveness for mitigation of flooding hazards. Development of preliminary cost estimates for selected alternatives.
  • Provide stakeholder coordination and public outreach of the project through a series of public meetings to inform of the existing hazards and to present the mitigation alternatives.

Each major task objective was completed and the results of those efforts including the technical approach, analysis results, interpretation of results, and applicability to the overall project were incorporated into a final report provided to the client. The results of the study are now being used as a planning tool and as input to the design of potential future drainage infrastructure and flood mitigation measures that are appropriate for the physical environment for both existing and future development.