Lumos Site Observation of O. Street in Virginia City

Virgina City/Six-Mile Canyon Area Drainage Master Plan

Storey County, Nevada

Lumos was selected to prepare the Virginia City/Six-Mile Canyon Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) for the Carson Water Subconservancy District and Storey County. Building on the work completed with JE Fuller in the Dayton Valley Area Drainage Master Plan, the Lumos Team identified conceptual design alternatives to mitigate issues caused by stormwater runoff. This runoff comes from the mountains to the west of Virginia City that flows through the Town, down Six-Mile Canyon to the Dayton Valley. The ADMP includes the completion of an existing conditions hydrologic analysis and the conceptual design of mitigation alternatives including basins, storm drain conveyances, and sediment collection structures. This also contains preparation of construction costs and life cycle costs, hydraulic analysis of the proposed alternatives, and preparation of a comprehensive report. The report details the data collection, analyses, and mitigation design.

This ADMP was successful due to extensive public outreach. The Lumos Team, working with the County and Subconservancy, solicited input from the community on this effort through public meetings and informative presentations.

Lumos successfully presented mitigation alternatives to the Carson Water Subconservancy and Storey County through a comprehensive report.