Washoe County, Nevada

2023 Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Washoe County Preventative Maintenance Project

Lumos has provided project scoping and roadway condition analysis for RTC Washoe County since 2002. This includes existing surface evaluation, determination of asphalt cracks for width and depth, asphalt patching requirements, patch layout, and treatment recommendations on an annual basis. Our team determines patching limits - mapping areas for patching, including crack seal and slurry quantities, and utility valves by using GPS/GIS technology. For the 2023 Preventative Maintenance Project, Lumos provided civil design and construction services on over 15 million square feet of total roadway surface treatments, including Type 3 and Type 3 Modified Rapid Setting Slurry Seal, scratch course, variable height mill and overlay, 230,000 square feet of asphalt patching, 28 million square feet of crack sealing, and pavement striping and markings. Many of the streets striping plans included bike lane incorporation to improve the overall RTC network multimodal capabilities.