Lukins Brothers Water Company Treatment Plant Improvements

South Lake Tahoe, California

The Lukins Brothers Water Company (LBWC) is a family-owned private utility provider in South Lake Tahoe, California. They are regulated by the California Public Utility Commission and serve 975 customers throughout the area.

Lumos was selected by Lukins Brothers to develop design plans and specifications for the Phase 2 Water Line Replacement Project. This entailed replacing 9,400 linear feet of existing water system infrastructure in residential and commercial neighborhoods. New 12-inch, 8-inch, and 6-inch mains, isolation valves, water service connections, water meters, and fire hydrants replaced deteriorated and undersized ones.

Our team concluded our design work with a new, fully functional hydraulic model in Infowater. This model was used to confirm pipe diameters, suitability of proposed connections, and construction phasing for maintaining water service during tie-overs.