Aerial View of Flooding through Slough Creek

Eureka County Emergency Flood Response

Eureka, Nevada

In March of 2023, a significant flood event occurred in the Devils Gate General Improvement District in Eureka, Nevada. Slough Creek, the single outlet point for multiple upstream watersheds, was impacted by mobilized snowmelt following a rain on snow event, resulting in flooding that impacted both residential and agricultural properties throughout the Devils Gate area between Highway 50 and State Route 278. 

As the County Engineer, Lumos immediately deployed field staff to provide onsite assistance and participation in the Emergency Operations Center that had been mobilized to respond to the event. Lumos also provided in-office support including hydrology and hydraulic (H&H) analysis, and emergency flood risk evaluations to support the Nevada Division of Emergency Management Emergency Response Team (DEM-ERT). Our team modeled the approximate peak flood event, capturing mitigation efforts on the ground to aid the County with flood control decision-making in real-time, ultimately reducing the severity of the flood impacts on residents and County infrastructure. By leveraging the skills and technological capabilities of our in-house H&H team, we were able to corroborate site observations and measurements from our field staff deployed to the event and provide meaningful, timely recommendations for managing and conveying flood water while reducing the risk and impact to both County residents and infrastructure.   

Throughout the event, Lumos actively engaged in site observations and emergency response coordination, conducted flood modeling and estimates, participated in briefings and meetings, and collaborated with key stakeholders such as the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to deliver real-time solutions for the County. This resulted in a comprehensive emergency response throughout the flood event, allowing the County to minimize the severity of the flooding to its residents. As a final deliverable, Lumos provided a Flood Response Memorandum documenting both the field work and H&H modeling efforts, as well as documentation of the extents of flood impacts which the County relied on to support the FEMA funded repair efforts following the event.