Lift Station Dry Pit Valves

City of Reno Lift Stations

Reno, Nevada

Lumos designed the Dermody, and North Dakota Lift Stations for the City of Reno in 2022.

These are dry pit/wet pit stations, which consist of a wet well that collects wastewater flow and a dry pit that houses the pumps. The dry pit pictured is 22 feet deep, and how operators enter the structure. Our team worked to rehabilitate aging infrastructure and eliminate confined entry spaces to create safer conditions for operations staff.

Lumos provided the following civil engineering services for each of these projects:

  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Basis of Design Report
  • Cost Estimates
  • Site Grading
  • Surface Restoration
  • Lift Station Design: Pumps, Wet Well, Piping Connections, Controls, Electrical Components, Mechanical Piping, Valve and Meter Vaults, Upstream and Downstream Manholes, Coatings/Use of Polymer Concrete Manholes
  • Buoyancy Calculations/Design for High Groundwater
  • Force Main Assessment and Design
  • Bypass Pumping Plan Development
  • Specification
  • Construction Assistance

All work was coordinated with the City of Reno to ensure designs met the City’s lift station requirements, industry standards, and the needs of City operators. Lumos worked closely with City engineering and operations staff to ensure the end product fits the needs of staff and allows them to continue providing their critical services.