Douglas County, Nevada

Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District (GRGID) 2022-2023 Street Maintenance Program

Lumos has served GRGID as their District Engineer since the 90s. Part of this work includes their annual pavement maintenance program, which covers 2 million square feet of pavement maintenance and repair each year. For their 2022-2023 program, our construction division provided Pavement Condition Index (PCI) surveys of roadways in need of improvement to update the agency’s MTC Streetsaver® database with this survey data. This led to the development of a Pavement Maintenance Program Final Report with summary of the pavement network and condition, budgeting needs, pavement management inventory report, Maintenance & Rehabilitation Decision Tree, descriptions of treatments, projected PCI and cost summary, and overview maps with current and projected conditions. Before each project, Lumos conducted materials testing on aggregate and emulsion and completed on-site thin lift nuclear gauge testing and sampling for asphalt concrete placement. We also did asphalt concrete testing and coring. During construction our team provided inspection for pavement patching, removal of existing striping for new slurry seal placement, and striping placement after slurry seal had been placed.