Reno, Nevada

Downtown Damonte

Lumos is working closely with Di Loreto Construction & Development to provide civil design services for this 70-acre project in the South Reno area. This development will include a Low Impact Development (LID) tech campus, multi and single-family residences, office spaces, retail, recreation and entertainment, hospitality, public services, and warehouse and distribution centers.

Our team is assisting with master infrastructure phasing alternatives and estimation, utility due diligence, and coordination with local utility providers (gas, electric, communications, water, sewer, and storm). Critical design includes mass grading and drainage analysis, gravity and pressure pipe design, agency permitting, civil improvement plans, sewer and hydrology reports, and coordination with the client’s architectural team for the progression and submission of schematic design, design development, and construction documents.

Downtown Damonte is located on the last available land in the surrounding area, which is bounded by an interstate, an arterial roadway, and a drainageway that creates several design constraints. High groundwater as shallow as 3 feet below existing grade creates challenges for foundations, utilities, and grading efforts. Lumos is providing retention and/or detention facility design to minimize development flow to the downstream basins. High-level planning and risk mitigation are a key success factor in navigating the potential use types for this high-profile and legacy project for the South Reno community.