Fernley, Nevada

City of Fernley 2022-2023 Preventative Maintenance Project

Lumos has been the City of Fernley’s preventative maintenance construction engineering services consultant since 2015. This project covers 4 million square feet of street maintenance per year. From 2022 to 2023, Lumos provided civil engineering design services, survey, materials testing and inspection, and construction management for the replacement of pavement markings, striping, and minor drainage improvements. To complete this work, our engineering team completed an assessment of each roadway section to verify existing conditions for the surface treatment, including striping, and to identify locations in need of asphalt dig-outs and crack sealing. This assessment led Lumos to recommend the type of slurry required and map these streets with GPS to identify roadway areas, islands, striping, utility valves and manholes using a combination of aerial photogrammetry and ground collected field shots. Our team incorporated streets comprising slurry into AutoCAD for a map deliverable, project plans, estimate, and contract documents. This provided the City with a tangible quantity of slurry seals and striping needed to bring streets to Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and agency standards. Our team worked closely with the project’s construction contractor to communicate civil design (including ADA improvements), and recommendations from the inspection and laboratory testing we conducted. Our construction management team provided quality control and assurance throughout construction for crackfill, type 2 slurry seal, asphalt patching, striping installation, Portland cement concrete, and bedding sand and aggregate base improvements.