Lumos On A Roll
Awarded the 2015 Preventive Maintenance Project by Washoe County RTC

The upside is, Lumos & Associates was once again awarded Washoe County RTCs annual preventive maintenance project with a projected budget of $3.1M for the placement of crack seal, asphalt patch and slurry seals. The downside is, the budget is decreased while the coverage area is increased.

How Lumos Will Meet The Challenge

Partnering with RTC Project Manager, Scott Gibson, and other local agencies will be critical in meeting the budget goals of the RTC while delivering quality workmanship and timely production. But that’s pretty much how we roll around here anyway.

We will partner with the City of Reno, City of Sparks, Washoe County and NDOT along with project management from the RTC. Lumos will continue to keep the lines of communications open and clear to provide a well thought out and cost effective project for 2015.

The project will be comprised of the typical crack seal, asphalt patching but with a limited budget, creativity will be key. Lumos will not only be looking at the traditional micro-surfacing but will explore alternative options to afford these roads additional years before repaving. Lumos will continue to look at a 7-year life cycle, but will also be evaluating existing roads based on what types of maintenance can be done to prolong placement of a slurry seal. These delays may be one year or longer. Lumos will be looking to cover as much square footage with the least amount of money.

All in a day’s work at Lumos & Associates and we’re proud to provide this work for the RTC and citizens of Washoe County.

[ By Bob Schricker, Reno Project Manager ]

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