Civil Engineering

Laying the groundwork.

From the infancy of design to the proper, ongoing maintenance of a built structure or environment, civil engineering covers a lot of ground. It's why the multidisciplinary approach works, especially when layered with individual responsibility and a passion for what we do.

Structural Engineering

A solid framework.

Our structural engineering department combines art and science to ensure structural requirements meet structural design while providing cost effective solutions. We integrate client needs with ever changing environmental issues and provide outstanding structures.

Resource Development

Drilling down details.

Lumos uses the Project Team Approach for larger projects. While overall responsibility ultimately lies with the Principal-in-Charge, the Project Manager is responsible for making the project hum day-to-day and sometimes decade-to-decade.


Groundbreaking design.

Lumos creative approach to design has often resulted in our adding services and capabilities along the way. Landscape Architecture is one of the more recent additions within our multidisciplinary approach and has led us to complete several award winning projects.

Surveying /

Bird's-eye view.

Our clients benefit from our thorough knowledge of governmental processes, infrastructure design, and specialty areas associated with civil engineering, surveying, planning, and construction management.


Concrete practices.

Every project is different, but the methods employed to complete the work are the same. Even when challenges arise, we employ practices for addressing issues creatively and safely.


Enlightened information.

Communication with the client and involved citizen boards or jurisdictional agencies is paramount. We have a solid foundation in public information programs and presentations to technical and lay boards.

Specialty Services

Blazing new trails.

Lumos & Associates approaches everything with one goal. To provide engineering in its purest and truest form, with an eye to the world as it is, and a creative intention to improve our place in it. Many of our specialty services are among our highest achievements.


Measurable results.

We consistently deliver and over-deliver because we employ a collaborative approach throughout the firm, from mentoring younger associates to working with other specialists when we need to draw on outside expertise.