A Long Time Coming for Vista Grande


[ Written by: Tim Russell, P.E., W.R.S., Group Manager, Engineering Division, Lumos & Associates ]

Vista Grande Blvd serves as the main thoroughfare for the western half of the Indian Hills General Improvement District (IHGID). However, this road historically was not IHGID’s to maintain in its entirety. Through a quirk of the creation of the District and old politics, the central portion of Vista Grande was Douglas County’s responsibility to maintain. Before the projects completion, you could tell which sections of the road were Douglas County’s and which were IHGID’s by looking to see if there was sidewalk and curbing (only in the IHGID sections). After a failed attempt about 15 years ago to fix the County portion of the road with County funds an effort by IHGID and Douglas County Public Works succeeded in allocating Douglas County Redevelopment Funds to create the road we have today. As part of the funding agreement, IHGID is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of Vista Grande in its entirety.


Lumos provided design services that included geotechnical investigation, improvement plans and specifications, and construction management/inspection for the reconstruction project that included pulverizing of the existing asphalt and base, and placement of hot mix asphalt on Vista Grande Blvd between Peridot Ct. and Amador Ct. (approximately 2600 linear feet).


In addition to the road reconstruction, and in many ways the more important part of the project, was the installation of new curb, gutter, sidewalk, ADA corner ramps, striping, signage, and flashing crosswalk notification near James Lee Park. The project includes an ADA accessible route through the center of Indian Hills GID from Mica Drive to James Lee Park where historically pedestrians have had to walk in the dirt or the street.

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