We Zoomed the Flume and So Can You

Lumos & Associates recently celebrated the completion of Phase I of a project that is near and dear to our hearts – The Flume Trail, one of Lake Tahoe’s premier mountain bike trails. The project will be completed in three phases during the summer when weather and conditions provide better access to the site. Lumos & Associates completed the first phase this Summer, 2014, beginning on the East Slope.

On Saturday past we hosted our annual Flume Trail family ride and BBQ. Everyone enjoyed the event so much, we wanted to pass along photos of the ride and trail information that may be helpful to you.

See Flume Trail Family Ride & BBQ photos >>

Here are the rides that we identified for our associates and their families. Hope you get a chance to ride/hike one of them soon:

Intermediate Ride 1:
From the Spooner Lake day use area we will ride up North Canyon to the saddle at the head of Snow Valley, descend to Marlette Lake, go around the south and west sides of the lake, then ride the Flume Trail to Tunnel Creek Road, descend Tunnel Creek Road to Hwy 28 at the Tunnel Creek Cafe. This ride is 13.5 miles with 1,200 feet of climbing. This is not a very technical ride, but riders must be comfortable with single track riding next to a very steep and exposed dropoff.

Intermediate Ride 2:
This will be a ride along the Flume Trail as described above, but instead of descending Tunnel Creek Road we will ride back along the flume to Marlette Lake, then back to Spooner. This ride is 22 miles with 1,600 feet of climbing. A lot more distance, but not much more elevation gain.

Expert Ride:
This ride will go up North Canyon and down to Marlette Lake, then around the east side of the lake, climbing up to Sunflower Flat. There we will join the Rim Trail, follow it north to Tunnel Creek Road, then descend to the north end of the Flume Trail, ride it south to Marlette Lake and then back to Spooner Lake. This ride is 23 miles with 3,200 feet of climbing with several technical sections. For serious riders in good shape only!

Family Ride or Walk:
This family oriented fun ride or nature hike which is 2.1 miles, will take you around the shores of Spooner Lake. Need a bicycle for the ride? Please contact Flume Trail Bikes www.flumetrailtahoe.com or 775.298.2501 a few days before the ride. They have a great selection of mountain bikes to choose from to rent for the day.

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