Lumos & Associates Seal The Aging Process On Washoe County Roads

Every summer you see the evidence of your tax dollars at work on the streets of Washoe County. Maybe you’ve even cursed the road construction under your breath. No one likes to be inconvenienced. But the Slurry-Seal program is actually quite a convenience.

Since 2003, Lumos & Associates has provided a cost-effective solution for protecting the $3 billion investment in the Regional Transportation Commission’s road infrastructure. With a lot of analysis, a lot of planning and a lot of slurry seal, our ounce of prevention is worth tons of “the cure.”

An article this week in Northern Nevada Business Weekly, reports that the $6 million per year slurry-seal program is a highly cost effective road maintenance program. While asphalt costs $4 to $5 per square foot, slurry seal (a filler made of asphalt, aggregate and mineral fiber) costs about 25 cents to 50 cents per square foot of road.

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Seelmeyer, John / (June 23, 2014). Slurry-seal: Months of Planning behind summer job. Northern Nevada Business Weekly Page 4

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4th Street. Idlewild Drive and 2nd Street. Before & After Preventive Maintenance.

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