Flume Trail Ride, Spooner Lake Hike & BBQ Lunch.


Lumos held its 7th Annual Flume Trail Ride on August 19, 2017. More than 50 employees, clients, and friends joined for three levels of rides, a walk around Spooner Lake, and a BBQ lunch. This fun event exemplifies our team’s love of the outdoors and is an important part of our culture here at Lumos.

[ Photo above: Stopping to enjoy the view. ]


Lumos’ avid mountain bikers led three different rides from Spooner Lake to the famous Flume Trail. Our guests had the opportunity to choose from three different rides, all set against the breathtaking terrain of Lake Tahoe. Almost 20 bicyclists participated in a 13.5 mile ride that ended with a shuttle ride back to Spooner Lake from Tunnel Creek Café in Incline Village. Seven bicyclists participated in the second ride, which followed the group to Tunnel Creek Road. From there, the riders split off to follow the Flume Trail to Marlette Lake, then back to Spooner Lake for a total of 22 miles. The third ride, for our seven expert riders, was 23 miles with 3,200 feet of climbing. This was the longest, highest, and most technical ride of the event. Lumos also led a 2.5 mile walk around the shores of Spooner Lake for those who preferred to travel by foot, not pedals. After a fast-paced morning, attendees met back at the Spooner Lake picnic area for a BBQ lunch, games, and storytelling from the trail.

[ Photo above: CEO and rider leader, Craig Wesner, giving a safety talk. ]


Lumos had a great turnout this year, and our attendees enjoyed spending time in beautiful Lake Tahoe with clients, family, and friends. Thank you to the skilled Lumos riders who helped lead or sweep the trail ride including our CEO, Craig Wesner, Mauricio Urias, Jason Catalano, Tom Young, Mike Hardy, Randall Long, and Jason Tokheim.

[ Photo above: Stopping for a photo-op on the Spooner Lake Loop hike. ]

Ride 2 bicyclists on their way back to Spooner Lake.

On the trail.

A view from the top.

Set-up crew.

Set-up crew having a laugh before the riders start rolling in.

Riders doing final tune-ups.

Riders enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin before the ride.

Riders are almost ready to head to the trail.

CEO and ride leader, Craig Wesner, rounding up with riders.

Riders are almost ready to head to the trail.

Helmets on!

Spooner Lake Loop hikers and bug catchers.

Spooner Lake from the Spooner Lake Loop Trail.

Spooner Lake Loop Trail.

A boardwalk along the Spooner Lake Loop Trail.

The Chapelles relaxing after a walk around Spooner Lake.

CEO and rider leader, Craig Wesner, giving a safety talk.

Jason and Kristin Tokheim getting ready to sweep.

Thomas posing for pictures.

Can we go yet?

The Russells getting ready to head to the trail.

Kim Rossiter, Mike Hardy, and Thomas ready to hit the trail.

An expert rider on the trail.

Expert riders stopping for a photo-op.

Snow in August!

A quick break for the expert riders.

A beautiful view from the trail.

A beautiful view from the trail.

Counting down the days until the 8th Annual Flume Trail Ride – see you on the trail!

Chris Heliotes Joins Our Surveying Team


Lumos & Associates is proud to announce that Chris Heliotes, has joined our team as Project Coordinator in our Surveying Division. Chris brings 18 years of surveying experience to his new role. “Having worked with Lumos & Associates as a sub-consultant in the past, I was very excited when an opportunity presented itself to join such a talented and forward thinking team,” Chris said.


In his career Chris has been involved in a wide variety of projects across multiple disciplines on multiple continents. Chris’ range of experience includes cadastral, heavy construction, power transmission, high tech industrial, marine, and forensic surveying. These days Chris’ primary focus revolves around UAS (drone) aerial surveying along with 3D laser scanning.

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UAS / Drone Based Aerial Mapping


Lumos is committed to utilize the most current technology and methods to provide clients with superior quality deliverables. To this end, we have expanded our services to include UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System or drone) based aerial mapping.



The use of UAS allows our team to map large or inaccessible areas more quickly and safely than we could using only conventional methods. The wide variety of products that can be created with a UAS survey makes the technology useful across a vast cross-section of disciplines. The data collected from the aircraft and its sensors can be used to create orthorectified imagery, point clouds, 3D meshes, planimetric and topographic maps, as well as 3D models. Additionally, the aircraft allows for inspection of inaccessible features (i.e. power transmission lines).

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